Tech Service

Our services include: mockup, molds, precision adhesives and lubricants, professional thermal materials and automation equipment, which is providing total solution. And we can collaborate with customers in professional technology supporting, such as DOE testing, product validation and thermal simulation analysis. For global layout strategy, we have professional team and agents in Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia and North America currently.

Department Chemical Department

Thermal interface materials、
Adhesive、Lubricant and
EMI product

Thermal total solution

Clients’ requirements

Step 1

Project discussion

Step 2

Design proposals

Step 3

Thermal simulation

Step 4

Samples & testing

Step 5

Case follow up

Step 6

Department Industry Department

Mockup、Mold Design、Metal processing

Department Equipment Department

Automation equipment and all kinds of electronic consumables

Our products 我們生產的產品