Silencer Grease

產品介紹Product Introduce

LWS series have excellent vibration dampening, cushioning, noise reduction and lubricity…etc. properties, which is suitable for gears, shafts, slides and lifting devices…etc.. Our products apply to RoHS and Reach, meanwhile, we can offer customize service for clients’ required properties, environment tests and production designs…etc.. Longwinner can fully support client and offer best solution.

詳細規格Detailed Specifications

Model LWS-2482 LWS-2500 LWS-2533 LWS-2559
Feature & application For middle-high RPM
(1500RPM)、Metal gear
For middle-low RPM
(under 1500RPM)、Plastic
For gear box which is
under 1500RPM
High viscosity silencer