Special Lubericant

產品介紹Product Introduce

Special lubricant series is developed for clients’ special requirement, such as: Oring lubricant, which can be applied in all kinds of sealing rubber to increase the waterproof function. And PFPE lubricant has vacuum & high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and low volatility, which can be applied in aerospace, military and automation equipment. Our products apply to RoHS and Reach, meanwhile, we can offer customize service for clients’ required properties, environment tests and production designs…etc.. Longwinner can fully support client and offer best solution.

詳細規格Detailed Specifications

Model LWF-999 LWL-1110 LFG-6900
Feature & application Electrically Conductive grease:
For ground wire
Waterproof oil: For O-ring PFPE oil: High temperature and
high pressure resistance、
Aerospace Industry、 Robotic